Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shit that I miss...Zesty Butter

It all started with Conagra Foods taking away our beloved ACT Zesty Butter popcorn.

no longer stocked on the shelfs at HEB...

I took to the internets in search of it.

Online retailers were also sold out.

only to find a thread months later with other people, searching...

I racked my brain regretting some of the bags i never finished.

Bags that were unfinished by other people, gone.

Wondering if there were "hidden bags" in the pantry or closet i often threw shit in.

Alas no Zesty butter...

Conagra Foods took it off the market.

I thought maybe it will come back? and emailed them on their corporate website asking for its return. A drop in the bucket, too little too late, falls upon deaf ears.

months later...

I found the ingredients online and tried in vein to reverse engineer, that flavor.

nothing, every batch i made came out like shit. A ghost I was chasing, that flavor.

So Conagra Foods fuck you for taking ACT Zesty Butter off the market.

You fucking assholes seem to know what we like or what's best for us.

I'd imagine some idiot taste testers fucked it up for everyone.

Or some stupid fucking blogger that thinks they are important started talking shit.

ooh its too hot, gross garlic, that's not pop corn.

Fuck all of you!

Fucking naysayers for influencing other people that never tried it.

Somehow I'd imagine these things would fair well living so close to the boarder?

My mind has run the labyrinth of possibilities over the past 3 years.

Taken away too soon. Shit that I miss :(

I suppose one could just reach for the Tapatio Sauce once again...

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