Sunday, June 13, 2010

It is so. It cannot be otherwise...

I often think of an inscription on the ruins of a fifteenth-century cathedral in Amsterdam, Holland.

This inscription says in Flemish: "It is so. It cannot be otherwise."

But what the fuck does that really mean, and what lesson can you walk away with?

As you and I march across the decades of time, we are going to meet a lot of unpleasant situations that are so. They cannot be otherwise. We have our choice. We can either accept them as inevitable and adjust ourselves to them, or we can ruin our lives with rebellion and maybe end up with a nervous breakdown.

Time to crack that fucking book open again and brainwash my self some more...


  1. Interesting quote. What's the name of the cathedral or where was it located?

  2. It says Amsterdam, Holland. As for the name, I have no fucking idea.