Thursday, November 19, 2009

You gotta let it bump!

What up!

We have been going Ga-Ga over our new Ihome Clock Radio & Audio System.
I find my self cranking all those forgotten hits of 80's on my Pandora Station Labeled "Hair Metal" This little box puts out more bass than some POS $75.00 speakers I got at Office Depot last year. I kinda feel silly now since we bought the crapple charger for $40.00 bucks, yep this magical box charges too. And it has a freaking remote that controls the basic functions on the Ipod/Itouch me. The 2 alarm function has an ascending volume feature (starts low and gets louder) as to not scare the shit out of you and jar you awake. The multi-level dimming feature on the LCD that won't light up your room at night. There's even a line in jack on the back to insert your self.


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