Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clear Betta Fish Necklace

betta fish necklace, originally uploaded by CBT's Closet.

Cry your eyes out for the one that jumped of their bowl no longer!

The clear and black acylic version of the betta necklace :)

For sale on

I also have betta bowl covers for sale as well. This will prevent your betta from leaping from his bowl.

To address all the betta care emails I get:

Why does my betta jump?

*during water changes
* when the water level is too high near the lip of the bowl
* old/dirty water
* rapid water tempature changes

What's the easiest way to care for a betta?

Try and change their water every 2 weeks.
Keep 1 gallon of pre treated water in the same room for easy water changes.

What's the easiest way to catch a betta?
Form a whirlpool by dipping a small bowl in their water.

What is the best betta food?
Hikari Betta Bio Gold

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