Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chainsaw necklace by Nb's Closet

chainsaw_collage, originally uploaded by NB's Closet.

Inspired by my affection for The Texas Chain Saw Massacare movies. Well just the first two films by Tobe Hooper :)

Can I have a refund on anything else that's been made since? I dunno why they keep making them, just let it go and leave perfection alone I say :)

I tried watchin part 1 as a little boy, but my cousin and I were too scared to even get past the opening credits. That all changed when I was about 18 and I scored the DVD in the bargin bin at Beast Buy. I was scared to buy it, cause I thought it was going to suck?

And now some pointless trivia for you:

  • Tobe Hooper (The Director) is from... Texas

  • If you look very carefully, in part 2 you can see Big Red Soda (also from Texas) on the table as Leather Face and Dennis Hopper duel.

  • John Larroquette of night court fame, did the opening narration in part 1 for a joint?

  • Primus Sampled "Dog will hunt!" from Part 2, in the Song "Jerry was a Racecar driver"

  • SkateNiggs used samples from Part 3 (sucks) in their song "Road Kill" (rocks)

God, I hate typing. Enough already, if you fancy this fine item you can find it for sale on Etsy and on my Internets.

As always thanks for stopping buy, and more as it happens :)

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