Wednesday, February 11, 2009

8-bit shirts by NBsCloset and EMthree

My Emthree Shirt, originally uploaded by NB's Closet.

I found my self fascinated by the art work on 8-bit collective. I wanted to sport some of my favorite art works on a shirt.

Simple right? Wrong.

● Basic CafĂ© Press accounts, only allow 1 design per shirt type :(
● Zazzle canceled my order :(
● Ink Jet transfers are cheesy :(
● Screen printing full colors is quite an undertaking for 1 design :(

The answer? A forum search, youtube surf, web site registration, application fax , and 2 separate material orders later… I put it all together at work, when no one was looking :)

I wore it for 2 days straight and can’t wait to make a few new designs when the boss is away.

More as it happens :)

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